Established in September 2018 as CrossFit Rev40 a type of CrossFit that looks at the integrated holistic fitness. It has always been our desire to see genuine community and excellent intentional coaching. We’ve seen many varieties of CrossFit boxes over the years and made our own critiques of what the perfect box would look like. And so in the summer of 2018, we took a leap of faith and decided to start our genuine community, our effective coaching and leadership, our desire to make our generation healthier, to make our community healthier, and to see athletes of all ages and races. The name CrossFit Rev40 is taken from the Bible in the sense that Jesus suffered in the desert for 40 days then started his spiritual ministry. In the same manner, 40 is significant because it usually takes 40 days to start a new habit. We chose the phoenix as a sign of rebirth because in order to be someone better than what you are, you need to die to your old self. This is a process, a journey, to rise up stronger than you were before.

Our 3 pillars are:

  • Revive-awaken the drive to have a balanced fit life.
  • Revise-change your lifestyle so that it’s not a fitness program but a way of life.
  • Reveal-in 40 days reveal the new you.

We want our athletes to say, “I am Rev40 fit, I am reborn, I am better, I am stronger, this is the new me!”


When you walk through CrossFit Rev40 you will see members engaging one another, encouraging one another, and building each other up. You will see athletes of all ages – young to old. You see various levels of fitness with no one feeling like they are less than what they are, but rather understanding that my best is different from your best – yet we are all one team one family.

World Class Affiliate in 100 Words

Blindly, constantly, and relentlessly pursue excellence, integrity, and camaraderie. Do the right thing regardless. Be a leader and build your reputation. Optimize the experience for every member. The ultimate goal is their health and happiness.

Hone the skills of your coaches. Study human movement in meticulous detail. Educate, entertain, and inspire. Give your members the best hour of their day.

See things from your members’ point of view and run your business for them. Keep it simple, but focus on details. Know everyone’s name and maximize client interaction. Respect each as a parent and treat each as a lifelong friend.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Guy Seaman (aka-Guy Valentino)
Guy Seaman (aka-Guy Valentino)

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. The first 5 years of my life were in Hawaii until we moved to Dallas. I graduated from Richardson High School in 1996 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I am a Guinness World Record holder, and personal trainer with a passion for helping people live their best life through health and fitness.

For more than seven years Guy has used his expertise and enthusiasm to help hundreds of his clients achieve their goals, ranging from weight loss to preparing for bodybuilding and fitness competitions. He has a CF-L2 certification, as well as several personal training and nutrition certifications.

In November 2015, Guy set a new Guinness World Record by completing 5,862 pull-ups in 24 hours, as part of the Veterans Operation Wellness (VOW) initiative to bring awareness to veteran’s health and wellness. Guy spent 10 years serving as an infantry Marine and is a combat veteran who was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Valor. As a Marine veteran who has dealt with the challenges of returning to civilian life after war, Guy understands what warriors face when returning home, and is dedicated to inspiring and helping veterans “finish the mission” by taking charge of their health.

Guy lives in Dallas, TX and is the owner and head coach of CrossFit Rev40. He also serves as an ambassador for Stay Safe Foundation and Polar watch. The father of two is focused on living life with purpose and constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities.


Mark DeMaio
Mark DeMaioCoach

Mark was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He participated in soccer and cross country all through high school and was the captain for both teams from junior to senior year. Mark graduated from high school in 2007 and attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University, graduating in 2009 with an Associates of Culinary.

Mark began lifting weights to get stronger for Parkour and in 2013, he started CrossFit and loved it so much that he became certified as a Level 1 CrossFit Coach. He has coached at several CrossFit gyms across the east coast; and joined CrossFit Rev40 after coaching 2 years full time in Texas. Mark has been ranked in the top two percent of the region and the world in CrossFit and he offers enthusiastic and blue collar humor coaching while paying close attention to detail.


• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
• Integrative Corrective Exercise Instructor
• Rocktape Kinesiology tape Level 1
• Rocktape IASTM Level 1
• AED Certified

Alex Velasquez
Alex Velasquez Coach

Alex was born in El Salvador. Says no to MS 13 but will definitely say yes to pupusas any day. Raised in the Carrollton Farmers Branch area. Played soccer and football in High School.After graduating in 1999, Coach Alex decided he needed a change of scenery and decided to join the US Army.

Once active duty time was over decided to join the US Reserves. Needing to spend extra energy, he stumbled on a YouTube video on CrossFit. Joined a gym in 2015 and has not turned his back on the love of the sport. He later got his CF L-1 and began to encourage others to find that inner competitor. In his CrossFit coaching he stumbled into weightlifting and its discipline. Not only did he register as a masters weightlifter on USA weightlifting, he a certified sports performance coach. Coach Alex has more than 10 years of helping and training fellow soldiers and athletes to better themselves physically and mentally. He has found a home here at Crossfit Rev40 and cant wait to spill his advice, knowledge, and energy on to athletes. He will find a way to better you mentally and physically with discipline and a decent sense of humor. You’ll have to find that out for yourself.


  • CF L-1
  • USAW Sports Perfomance Coach
  • Persuing Bach. In Exercise Science

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