About Us

man working out on rower with woman standing beside smiling

REVive. REVise. REVeal. REV40.

Achieve Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial Fitness

We are a veteran-owned, family oriented fitness community, welcoming to all fitness levels and backgrounds. Established in 2018, CrossFit Rev40 is a type of CrossFit that looks at fitness holistically. Our box is built on a foundation of genuine community, effective coaching and leadership, and our desire to make our community healthier, no matter their age, race, or fitness level. The name CrossFit Rev40 is taken from the Bible in the sense that Jesus suffered in the desert for 40 days then started his spiritual ministry. In the same manner, 40 is significant because it usually takes 40 days to start a new habit. We chose the phoenix as a sign of rebirth because in order to be someone better than what you are, you need to die to your old self. This is a process, a journey, to rise up stronger than you were before.

Our Vision

When you walk through the doors of CrossFit Rev40, you will see members engaging one another, encouraging one another, and building each other up. You will see athletes of all ages – young to old. You will see various levels of fitness, with no one feeling like they are less than what they are. Our heart’s desire is to see you become the best version of you.

Our Mission

To provide a dynamic training environment for athletes of all ages and fitness levels through intentional coaching and programming. We take the following steps to achieve this mission: Establish a genuine community by making emotional deposits in each of the members, Establish excellent coaching by continuing to strive for virtuous movement from all coaches through continuing education and expanded certification.

man working out on rower with woman standing beside smiling

Our Box

With over 4,500 square feet of floor space, CrossFit Rev40 has luxury amenities, not often found in a CrossFit box. Our box is fully outfitted with Rogue brand equipment and gear. In our box, you will be able to enjoy the grit that the CrossFit program has to offer, along with beautifully finished spaces, which are air conditioned during the hot summer months, and heated during the winter months. In addition to the ample gym space, a third of our space is dedicated to nutrition coaching, a retail sales area for swag and supplements, and a recovery area which includes a private massage therapy room and a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Our men’s and women’s locker rooms are fully finished with marble countertops, and recently renovated changing areas and shower facilities. We even offer towel service, for those that need to utilize our shower facilities. By the time you stop in to see us, you will likely see more improvements or renovations happening. We are constantly improving, and always have something new and exciting going on!

Each day, we hold early morning, mid-day, and evening classes – with multiple class offerings on Saturdays and Sundays. All of our amenities and boutique style gym, make it one of the most desirable CrossFit boxes in the Dallas area. We are truly a hidden gem in the beautiful Farmers Branch area, and you can easily find us with our colorful, graffiti style mural on the northside of our building. There is ample parking, and tons of space to roam outside. You will frequently see our athletes flipping tires, running, and completing fun, challenging, and constantly varied workouts just outside our garage door.

There is no better person to provide confirmation of what we are doing as a gym than a visitor. Check out our member and visitor reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp!


Fully Qualified Instructors

We commit to meet you where you are and to help you to achieve your personal goals. We commit to know you personally, support you in the gym and beyond. We commit to being a community, not just a gym. Do not expect to come here and remain anonymous, that is not likely to happen, as we are a family.

Guy Seaman (Valentino)

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