“I could not be more grateful. He is professional, knowledgeable, and motivational. He exceeds all expectations of any trainer and I continue to keep in touch with him to this day. He brought me from someone who could not seem to fit fitness into their schedule to a competitive athlete competing both on a national and international stage.”
– Jillian G.

“I came to Guy a couple years ago in shape , a round shape unfortunately. He started me off at my level, but slowly ramped it up and progressively challenged me. Now I’m able to lift more than I did in high school, and more importantly in best shape I’ve ever been. Get er done!”
– John S.

“I had the opportunity to do personal training with Guy for over a year, working out anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week, and had excellent results. He’s a dedicated, patient trainer who gets to know his clients, and is focused on improving them, inside and out. In addition to 1:1 training, he provided nutrition plans and workouts I could do on my own. As much as I hate working out, I have to admit I enjoyed being trained by him and he made it fun. You won’t regret training with him, and your body will love you for it!!”
– Donna W.

“I have been training with Guy since last fall and am so pleased with not only my results, but the way he has changed the way I think about my health and fitness. I am stronger than I have ever been and know my true potential now. I never could have gotten here on my own and I also couldn’t have stuck with it and trusted the process without his motivation, commitment and belief in me! Can’t wait to continue hitting new goals with his help!”
– Erin N.

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